Attic and Basement Converstion

Built in 1927, this single story home's original one room configuration was okay but not great, small kitchen in the rear connected to a pantry and nook, neither of which were convenient or comfortably sized. The single bathroom was compact to say the least, original tile fixtures included.

During the initial inspection I discovered an unused attic – no stair access – which housed a much larger ceiling height than anticipated when viewed from the exterior, this was in part due to the unusual framing detail (ceiling joists ‘balloon framed’ to the exterior walls). The size of the space allowed for conversion from a vacant attic to two bedrooms and a 2nd full bath.

The basement was home to some old chairs and a washing machine of a vintage similar to the bath fixtures. My client is in her seventies and was desirous of a live in apartment for a future home carer, with a few modifications to the plumbing the basement was converted to a comfortable one bedroom accessory apartment with an open plan kitchen/dining/living areas, full bath, laundry and bonus room.

The photos below show the house prior to renovations.